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Orendorff Building

Name Title Office Phone Email
Adkins, Mike Academic & Career Advising Coordinator ORB103B 307-754-6124
Anderson, Jill Human Resources Director ORB106L 307-754-6401
Asay, Milo Assistant Professor of ESL ORB 108F 307-754-6428
Asay, Diedre Finance Technician - Administrative Services ORB106 307.754.6403
Ashcraft, Sami Finance Technician 106C 307-754-6048
Beck, Lorilyn First Year Experience Coordinator ORB103A 307-754-6122
Bell, Bobbie Administrative Secretary for Academic Affairs ORB126 307-754-6472
Berryman, Holly Communications Services Assistant ORB118B 307-754-6117
Borders, Keli Administrative Secretary for College Relations ORB 144 307-754-6409
Bowen, Brad Finance Director 106H 307-754-6404
Bruce, Dean Dean of Extended Campus & Workforce ORB126F 307-754-6123
Burns, Logan Assistant Professor of English ORB108H 307-754-6036
Cates, Kayla Interim Admissions Representative ORB100A 307-754-6043
Cicci, Cindy Executive Secretary to the President and Board of Trustees ORB136 307-754-6058
Cline, Crystal Admissions Representative ORB100C 307-754-6017
Dare, Jennifer Assistant Professor of English ORB108B 307-754-6432
Ebila, Florence Visiting Exchange Professor ORB108J 307.754.6139
Enriquez, Amanda Intercultural Program Manager ORB 111A 307-754-6424
Erickson, Callee GEAR-UP Specialist ORB127 307-754-7823
Gasaway, Tracy Payroll Specialist ORB106M 307-754-6107
Gilmore, Nancy Administrative Secretary for Academic Affairs ORB126 307-754-6147
Giraud, Gerald Vice President for Academic Affairs ORB126C 307-754-6235
Gonzales, Alejandra Registrar / Admissions Coordinator ORB102B 307-754-6435
Gonzalez, Renee Business Office Assistant ORB106C 307-754-6028
Hanan, Rachel Associate Professor of English ORB108K 307-754-6121
Hansen, Heidi Instructor of English ORB123D 307-754-6431
Harper, Sam Financial Aid Assistant - VA ORB104 307-754-6158
Harrison, Marianne Financial Aid Assistant ORB104 307-754-6106
Harsh, Lisa University of Wyoming Outreach Academic Coordinator ORB134 307-754-6203 OR 307-587-9837
Heimer, Jo Ann Business Office Manager ORB106J 307-754-6105
Hernandez, Lydia Senior Office Assistant for Enrollment Services ORB102 307-754-6149
Hernandez, West Admissions Manager ORB100C 307-754-6103
Hicswa, Stefani President ORB136 307-754-6200
Howe, Jeremiah Marketing/Graphic Design Specialist ORB117 307.754.6407
Hunt, Troy Visiting Instructor of Speech Communication ORB118F 307-754-6438
Jacobs, Cindy Foundation Technician ORB144 307-754-6096
Jones, Michaela Interim Communications Specialist ORB119 307-754-6009
Karst, Deb Hathaway Scholarship Technician ORB104 307-754-6270
Kasinger, Dawn Scholarship Technician ORB104 307-754-6040
Kitchen, Mark Vice President for College Relations ORB144F 307-754-6405
Kline, Char Senior Office Assistant for Admissions and Recruiting ORB100 307-754-6101
Miller, Carey Marketing, Communications & Web Manager ORB144E 307-754-6114
Moncur, Rebecca GEAR UP Coordinator ORB129 307-754-7822
Moore, Connie Visiting Part-Time Instructor of Spanish ORB123E 307-754-6421
Nose, Del Rodeo Coach ORB118G 307-754-6464
Peterson, Tawnya Development Coordinator-Foundation ORB144H 307-754-6034
Quinn, Shaman Financial Aid and Scholarships Director ORB104E 307-754-6232
Ryf, Kara Intercultural Program Coordinator ORB111B 307-754-6429
Simon-Power, Amber Interim Dispute Resolution Officer
Smith, Lisa Institutional Researcher ORB106N 307-754-6292
Spomer, Linda Finance Technician ORB106G 307-754-6486
Thomas, Greg Dean of Student Learning ORB126E 307-754-6024
Watson, Lisa Vice President for Administrative Services & Finance ORB106K 307-754-6098
Wen, Duyang Visiting Exchange Professor for Japanese ORB108E 307-754-6145
Wetzel, Shelby Executive Director of the NWC Foundation ORB144B 307-754-6110
Williams, Carle Financial Aid Specialist ORB104D 307-754-6104
Wilson, Marsha Interim Senior Office Assistant for Human Resources ORB106 307.754.6402
Woods, Sue Foundation Analyst ORB144C 307-754-6039
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