Northwest College

Communication Division

In alphabetical order by last name
Photo of Bob Becker

Becker, Bob

Assistant Professor of Speech Communication

Phone: 307-754-6118
Location: Yellowstone Building
Office: YB211
Photo of Fred Ebert

Ebert, Fred

Assistant Professor of Speech Communications; Chairperson for Communication Division

Phone: 307-754-6047
Location: Yellowstone Building
Office: YB212
Photo of Christine Garceau

Garceau, Christine

Associate Professor of Photography

Phone: 307-754-6497
Location: Fagerberg Building
Office: FAB18
Photo of Jeannie Hunt

Hunt, Jeannie

Assistant Professor of Speech Communications

Phone: 307-754-6422
Location: Yellowstone Building
Office: YB210
Photo of Troy Hunt

Hunt, Troy

Visiting Instructor of Speech Communication

Phone: 307-754-6438
Location: Orendorff Building
Office: ORB118F
Photo of Jayne Johnson

Johnson, Jayne

Digital Studio Specialist

Phone: 307-754-6183
Location: Fagerberg Building
Office: FAB12
Photo of Jennifer Litterer-Treviño

Litterer-Treviño, Jennifer

Instructor of Photography

Phone: 307-754-6160
Location: Fagerberg Building
Office: FAB16
Photo of Anthony M. Polvere

Polvere, Anthony M.

Associate Professor of Photography; Coordinator of Photography

Phone: 307-754-6455
Location: Fagerberg Building
Office: FAB17