Northwest College

Agriculture, Business and Equine

In alphabetical order by last name
Photo of Mark Andreasen

Andreasen, Mark

Assistant Professor of Business; Coordinator of Business

Phone: 307-754-6459
Location: Fagerberg Building
Office: FAB22A
Photo of Vern Dooley

Dooley, Vern

Associate Professor of Agriculture; Chairperson for Agriculture, Business and Equine Division

Phone: 307-754-6234
Location: Fagerberg Building
Office: FAB60C
Photo of Lynn Guccion

Guccion, Lynn

Visiting Part-Time Instructor of Animal Science

Phone: 307-754-6189
Location: Fagerberg Building
Office: FAB60D
Photo of Bart Haskell

Haskell, Bart

Instructor of Business

Phone: 307-754-6186
Location: Fagerberg Building
Office: FAB22B
Photo of Jason Horton

Horton, Jason

Assistant Professor of Agribusiness

Phone: 307-754-6461
Location: Fagerberg Building
Office: FAB60B
Photo of Micah Humphreys

Humphreys, Micah

Associate Professor of Agroecology and Range Management

Phone: 307-754-6465
Location: Fagerberg Building
Office: FAB60E
Photo of Quin Lafollette

Lafollette, Quin

Ag Pavilion and Judging Coordinator

Phone: 307-754-6019
Location: Fagerberg Building or Paul Stock Ag Pavilion
Office: FAB 60F
Photo of Marv Sherwood

Sherwood, Marv

Equine Center Coordinator

Phone: 307-754-6072
Location: Equine Center
Office: EC
Photo of Pam Thiel

Thiel, Pam

Assistant Professor of Equine Studies

Phone: 307-754-6468
Location: Equine Center
Office: EC
Photo of Becky Voss

Voss, Becky

Senior Office Assistant for General Campus Support

Phone: 307-754-6167
Location: Hinckley Library
Office: 112