As part of the Health, Outdoor and Physical Education Department (HOPE), the Recreation Equipment CO-OP is a complete outfitting service for the Northwest College (NWC) community. Full-time student status enables you to use quality equipment in all HOPE and NWC classes, Intramural Activities and much more. You can also check out items for informal, personal use—with no rental charge! Membership includes students, faculty and staff. The CO-OP is located in the Cabre Gym (#15 on the map). Certain items may require a damage deposit which is refundable.

Hours of Operation

The Recreation Equipment CO-OP is opening Monday through Friday: CO-OP SCHEDULE . Hours of operation are subject to change due to availability of workers so check back at the start of each semester for an updated schedule.


Keith McCallister
Assistant Professor of Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education; Director of the DELTA Program