Northwest College

TRiO Student Support Services

What we offer

Student Help Workshops

Student Help Workshops and one-on-one appointments for you to learn about Study Skills, Life Strategies, Money Management, Career Choices, and/or Transferring to a Four Year university.

Equipment Loaner Program

We have laptop computers, calculators, and audio recorders that you can check out for the entire semester.

On and Off Campus Events

We call these cultural events. This year we will be taking trips to Yellowstone National Park, Thermopolis Hot Springs, Shows in Billings, and so much more. There is no cost to you; Project Succeed pays for your meals, tickets, and transportation.

Study room

A room for Project Succeed students located in the Student Success Center.

Peer Mentors

Mentors to help you learn about Northwest College, and how to succeed in classes.

A Math Mentor to help you with Math 0900, 0920, and 0930.

An English Mentor to help you understand your assignments and offer suggestions for your papers before your turn them in.

Transfer trips to universities

You do not have to be in the transfer process to join us on these trips; we want you to know what opportunities are out there for you. We will pay for your meals, lodging, and transportation, and set up a campus tour, meeting with an admissions representative, and advisor in area of interest.


Terri Meyer
Student Success Program Manager-Project Succeed / TRiO